Aj mere yar ki engagement hai !!!


intWhat happens when a boy from IBM meets a girl from Accenture !!

What happens when an Engineer meets a Commerce grad girl !!

The answer is simple :

” they fall in love 🙂 ”

DSC_1004Well , here comes the twist IMG-20140929-WA0039

Girl is a bong where as the boy is Chhattisgadiya :p

( 2 states re-defined )

Scene 1 :

After all the melodrama and tension between the families , engagement day arrives , that too was epic in it’s own way  !!

Date : 29th Sept , 2014

Time : 4:45 PM

Venue : Mangal Bhawan ( Smriti Nagar , Bhilai ,  Chhattisgarh , Somewhere in Central India )

The groom’s side reached the venue first & to their surprise there was none from the bride’s side to welcome them.

This isn’t a particularly big deal for me but then , “This is India” 😉 . And we…

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Journey is my Destination !!!

  • Ever tried to start with something  & ended up with something else  ?
  • Ever happened that you planned something & ended with doing exactly the opposite, which was never on the cards ??


The above two happened on my first ever road trip to Mysore 🙂

Distance : 160 kms

Route taken : Nice road – SH17

I mean , I have been to Mysore before ( on a bus ) . But this time it was a bike trip . And suddenly I realized what I had missed before .

  • That lovely feeling which you get while driving on SH 17
  • That numb feeling of nothingness which you get while riding along the mountains


Scenic & Picturesque !!!


Let’s get hydrated !! Nariyal Paani at Rs. 20


Yunhi chala chal raahi  ( song from the movie Swades comes to my mind )


We found that most of the vehicles had banana leaves tied to them ,  which were going towards Mysore

And to our amazement people started worshiping their vehicles once they reached  , ” The Heritage town of Mysore !!  ”


On the way to Chamundi hills 🙂

People might presume that since it’s South India , the only thing that’s going to be served will be Idli / Dosa ,


But hang on , we tasted really delicious “Lacchha Parathas” on top of Chamundi hills .


Chamundi Hills

Then ( 2012)


Now ( 2014 )

305791_249511571761842_1325878204_n                                                          Temple @Chamundi hills DSC_0081

Imagine eating your favorite Cornetto somewhere on hills . Then this is the place to be 🙂
              Tip : Try Pistachio

DSC_0083             Aerial view of entire Mysore city  , look for the magnificent Mysore Palace

DSC_0087              Plan was to visit this place on Dussehra eve or the “Dasara” , as we call it


But the Mysore palace was overwhelmed so much that we decided to just have a glance at it
316015_249495311763468_455672233_nPubs in Mysore :

Opium Music & Spirits :  I have been to most of the decent pubs in Bangalore . So I was not really expecting much from the place . But this place has got really good ambiance .& the best possible place to find in Mysore where you can relax away from the hustle & bustle outside . And for those who drink , it’s heaven 😉

My Perspective : The song , ” Welcome to the Hotel California ” keeps repeating on my head

” You can check – in here at any time , but you can never leave  !! ”


” Mera palsafa , kandhe pe mera basta
Chala mai chala , le chala mujhe jahan rasta ”

Meaning :  With bag-pack on my shoulders ,  I will
keep on walking….

Wherever the journey takes me 🙂

Aftermath : After coming back from Mysore ,  road trip was so addictive .Next day we decided to go towards “Nice Road” again , just to enjoy the drive .

Date : 5th October , 2014

Venue : Rasta Cafe

Time : 2 : 00 AM

  • The only place around Bangalore ( 60 kms from Bangalore ) which is open 24/7 !!
  • Be ready to spend at-least 30 minutes , just to grab a seat !!
    ( There’s an amazing lawn where you all can relax )
  • The wait is worth the food 🙂


Must try : Thin crust pizzas , raspberry smoothie  & Veg Sizzler .


Trip Expenses :

500 : Fuel

1000 : Pub  ( including food )

Money can’t buy us happiness…
but travelling can 🙂

Conclusion :


” Beyond every concept of right doings & wrong doings , there’s a path

I’ll meet you there … ”

–  Rockstar

Aj mere yar ki engagement hai !!!

intWhat happens when a boy from IBM meets a girl from Accenture !!

What happens when an Engineer meets a Commerce grad girl !!

The answer is simple :

” they fall in love 🙂 ”

DSC_1004Well , here comes the twist IMG-20140929-WA0039

Girl is a bong where as the boy is Chhattisgadiya :p

( 2 states re-defined )

Scene 1 :

After all the melodrama and tension between the families , engagement day arrives , that too was epic in it’s own way  !!

Date : 29th Sept , 2014

Time : 4:45 PM

Venue : Mangal Bhawan ( Smriti Nagar , Bhilai ,  Chhattisgarh , Somewhere in Central India )

The groom’s side reached the venue first & to their surprise there was none from the bride’s side to welcome them.

This isn’t a particularly big deal for me but then , “This is India” 😉 . And we all are part of this male chauvinist society. Fortunately there was not much fuss made over here 🙂

Scene 2 :

Everyone wanted to be the best looking individual !! People were so involved in themselves , that at times ,they forgot who needed the actual attention DSC_1033                                                 ( Who cares lucky ki engagement hai 😛 )


( one.. two … smile 🙂

Scene 3 :

I never understand the concept of unnecessary wasting on gifts. Take for instance , bride & groom will gift each other a suit-case which consists of all the things that a person will require in his/her entire lifetime & some of the things that I bet , will never be used in an entire lifetime. But then again , its our tradition & We Indians don’t let go our customs so easily . But in my opinion , we should just

Just let it go… !!

Scene 4 :

IMG-20140929-WA0042                                                                 ( Guests waiting anxiously ) IMG-20140929-WA0044                                                           And there she is ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Height of Anticipation !!

DSC_1058And then comes the beauty

w9-wa0043                                                                  Sir Namaskara… 😉IMG-20140929-WA0049                                     ( Kya swaad hai zindagi kaaa 🙂

yaar mujhe bhi thodi footage do )

And then came the most awaited moment…


” I do.. kubool hai mujhe  !!
Well what about you ?
As if I have a choice now , sweety :-p

Smiles , all around 😀

Where there’s will , there’s always a freakin way , proves this couple 🙂

Running away from everything and marrying each other is easy , but taking permission from parents and converting that inter-caste love marriage into arranged sort of thing , deserves a lot of praise !! Someone has rightly said “Its not just marrying each other but marriage of respective families”

Note : This was just just a trailer ,
This January , its gonna be one hell of a rocking marriage 🙂


Things to carry always in any trip

  • A novel
  • Nice headphones

Aug 29

6: 25 pm

I took off from home all alone this time on my first solo trip . Taxi 4 Sure took me to the bus carrier. With “Ilaahi” from the movie ,”ye jawani hai deewani” being played on headphones , the bus took off 🙂

At 10 pm we halted at Tumkur for dinner ,


( Hotel Shri Sai Bhavan : Tumkur )

I had North Indian thhali , was worthy of its price at 110 bucks. Here are the contents


( North Indian Thhali )

And then the unexpected happened

Our bus’s dynamo got screwed . Here I was waiting near the restaurant with random strangers at 1 PM at night , who were fighting with the bus conductor for this inconvenience . And that too in Kannada . So I was just trying to understand what’s going on by looking at their expressions . We waited like this for about 2 hours  . And then another bus came which just had space for 7 of us, out of 20 passengers .  So luckily I was among these 7 people who got the chance to leave & the remaining must have waited there for the entire night  .  And then I reached this placeDSC_0802

Guess the place 🙂
DSC_0829Yup its Goaaaaaaa………………….!!!!!

And I was welcomed by the Rain Gods of Goa 😉 . I ,and the person who was sitting on the bus next to me , together decided to rent a bike straight from the Panjim bus stop ( saving us from the unnecessary trouble of a taxi )

DSC_0796               Akshat Jain ( friendship during the bus journey )

And then I went to my resort which I had pre – booked online ( via goIbibo ) . And on reaching there ,  I found that it was situated on the Baga river itself . After going through that unlucky experience with the bus, I was thanking my stars for such a beautiful sight from the resort 🙂 . And I am never going to travel on Seabird Tourists again !!!


( Baga River  : Resort View )DSC_0816                  Another breathtaking view

A walk in the gardens…

DSC_0823  ( I was staying on the 2nd floor )

The best part was that I had booked this online and I got it at reasonable rates . So whenever you visit a place ,read about it online , go through the reviews and book everything online using some discount coupons which are mostly available.

After an hour or so , i went to the Baga beach ( the most happening place of North Goa ) which was about 2 kms from my resort .

DSC_0809Then co -incidentally I found my fellow passenger of the bus on the beach. We became the best of friends within a span of some time and had our lunch at the beach itself in one of the shacks !!DSC_0806
The small shops on the beach served the tastiest pasta that I had so far . And Aloo Paratha on the beach was equally delicious.DSC_0812At around 7 pm , I came back to my resort again . Since I was alone , I thought let me stay in the resort itself and read that novel . After reading it for 15 minutes , it stuck to me that , what’s wrong with me !! Why am I staying here . Then I decided to go for the party though I was alone .

At 9 pm , I took off for the beach party .  On the way I found a European guy asking for a lift . He was hitch-hiking & then we went to the club together .  The party was supposed to start at 10:30 PM . So we decided to have an interesting conversation till the party started . His name was Nick . We sat on the bar and talked about our respective country’s cultures and everything.

Nick : So you people have 28 languages ?

I : Actually we have lot more than that if you consider the regional dialects as well inside the states.

Nick ( surprsied ) :  We just have one whole Belgium , no states like that  . He was also surprised to hear Spanish songs inside this country by Pitbull and others ( being played on the club )

I : So what do you find interesting in India ?

Nick : The fact that most of the people don’t wear helmets here .

He felt stupid being the only person wearing a helmet.

He told me that the first thing that comes to his mind about India are the temples !! They are everywhere ,which he saw from Vellore to Bangalore.

He was astonished to know that people here don’t drink with their families. He added that , In Belgium , parents sit with their children and have liquor together right from the age of 16 . I said Okay :-p . In Belgium, people most of the time have beer in their hands ( even when they are going to church )  . But its not like we are drunkards or something , he added 😉

We discussed about Tomorrowl and then we discussed about the pubs in Bangalore . We talked about the HRC , Toit , Sky – Lounge ( UB City , Bangalore ) .

He was amazed by the fact that Sky lounge is on the 16th floor and people can party like that 🙂 . Finally I felt proud about something .   Then he asked me about what happens when you see a girl for the 1st time in a club party .  Do we need to assure her about getting married in future , if we want to establish a relationship with her . I said  ” That depends on the girl  :-p ”

And then at 10:30 pm the party started at Tito’s !!


( Eat , Explore , Party , Repeat… )

Beachside Party !!!

You gotta party like a Goan ,  to understand their culture .

So I and my new set of buddies had a blast over there .  Songs from David Guetta’s to Desi songs like  ” Dil le gyi kudi Gujarat di” rocked the floor . Come visit this place & you will understand the “Mahool” 😉

Entry : 2000 bucks

Couple : 1500 /-

( unlimited stag )

I finally returned my resort at 2 am. Slept peacefully after returning from the most happening party of my life .

Next day started with this power packed breakfast . 

DSC_0818I had just few hours after check-out at 11 am .  So I decided to just ride around freely on the unseen streets of Goa.

While riding , I got some of the best places which were not named as any attractions but which were amazing in themselves.


( Specialty of Goa )

DSC_0873                      Lost in Nature : Pic Courtesy  – Md. Abul ( local guy )


( St. Anthony Chapel )
DSC_0839Since I was in Goa , I decided to get a tattoo on my hand


( Tattoo artist at Work : Mr. Gujrati )


Spent some time before leaving ,  with the locals like him & got to know some interesting facts about Goa

  • The only place where alcohol is cheaper than water . You will get drinks like “Madiii” & “Fenny” at Rs 2.5 and Rs 5 per pegs respectively
  • The only place in India where you have the provision of a Pilot . ie). Motorcycle Taxi.
  • Casino is available here.

Benefits of Solo Travelling :

  • You will get to interact with more diversities of people which will add up to your overall experience.
  • You will get to learn more about the locals.

Drawbacks :

You will end up taking selfies most of the times , as you dont have a camera person along 😛


And then suddenly it starts raining out of Nowhere ….


But you can’t stop clicking pictures…

DSC_0858Time for some after-noon snacks

DSC_0875Garma Garam Aloo Paratha with Curd  + Strawberry Lassi

Tastes even better after just being drenched in rains !!

My stay in Goa was a short one ie). just 2 days

There is so much to do in Goa. Since I was short of time ,I just decided to explore some random streets of North Goa.DSC_0852DSC_0830



( @Tito’s Lane )

The Tito’s club is so famous that it has an entire street named after it 🙂


( Most happening place at night )

” If you want to have a lot of fun , travel with friends  🙂

But If you want to make new friends , travel alone !! ”

– srijalism

IMG_3106                                  I walk a lonely road…


And end up making new friends on the way 😉

Give time a break !!!

Aug 23

11 : 15 PM


We boarded our bus carrier ie). National Travels from Madivala bus stop . It was a smooth ride of around 6 hours & we reached Peringudi ( Chennai ) at around 5:25 am.  I was so excited to see a new city & In a span of few minutes that happiness turned into sadness when I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone on the bus itself.  So here I was , in a land of Chennai without my cellphone searching random bus stops for that bus . I spent the next few hours pondering over my carelessness and then I informed  “redbus”  about the incident . They gave me my bus operator’s no. ,  I gave them a few calls but nothing happened. Meanwhile I kept trying to call on my no. using my friend Awasthi’s cell . I realized that , its when you loose something , you understand its true value .

And then , out of the blue , a miracle happened !! My friend got a call from the bus conductor saying ” Sir , you have forgotten your cell phone”  .   What !!!   This was not on the cards  !!. I must be one of the luckiest persons on this planet , I thought. So we took my cell back from him and made a mental note of the incident & decided instantly that I am going to write on this one.   There are some genuinely good persons on this planet 🙂   Hats off to you Sir



We spent the evening at the nearby beach.  I am not sure , but I think its Neelankarai beach.


Don’t forget to try Ghee Roast Masala Dosa @ Sarvana Bhavan


 Roam around freely in random streets of Chennai just to get the feel of its culture.


Aug 25 , 2014


 DSC_0772                                                            ( Paradise Beach )

“Give time a break”  , says the tagline of Pondicherry tourism and boy o boy , it  can’t be more apt than that. 

We booked our stay at Hotel Corbelli  ( thanks to ibibo for that ) . Its located on Mission Street in Heritage town ( according to google maps ). But trust me , no one knows it by that name. Just tell the autowallah ” Hotel Corbelli ” & he will take you.


                         ( Hotel Corbelli )

Means of travel in Pondi : Vehicles are easily available at rent . You will have many options to choose from . But I decided to take a scooter .Rent :  500 for 2 days ( + 500 Rs Caution deposit ) , can’t be more feasible right !!   20140826_172931

          ( Courtesy : Krishna Two Wheelers , Mission Street )

We need to surrender an original id card for that duration & next you are ready to take on the streets of Pondi , that too like a local . ( Life couldn’t be easier )

Brace yourselves to be fascinated by an amazing mix of French & Indian culture . At times while roaming aroud in streets you will loose yourselves & feel like  , ” Where am I “.   ie). You’ll completely loose yourself 🙂  

Mind you , Pondi is not just about its beaches . Its full of surprises  🙂 

Food :

This place has something good for everyone.  Try English breakfasts at elegantly designed cafes . Yummy Pancakes are a must try. You must try thin wood crust oven baked pizza at Don Giovani ( located on 5th floor of hotel Corbelli ) in order to get a real Italian cuisine experience.  

Places to Visit

1) Goubert Ave

One of the best seaviews in this country . It is like Marine drive of Mumbai but far better & cleaner than that. Just take evening stroll in this place & be ready to be mesmerized by its beauty. We used to cover other destinations at daytime but returned to this place every evening to just relax over there till night time.


         There is a coffee bar located nearby this place which serves really good coffee & masala milk for just 15 bucks.

2) French Quarters

Just next to Goubert Avenue lies beautifully constructed french quarters which will tell you so much about the French influence in this city. 

( Every time I went past these quarters some how a picture of lagaan used to come in my mind. Remember the place where that British Memsaab stayed in the movie , who taught Bhuvan how to play Cricket )  

3) Lord Ganesha Temple

Just past those quarters you will find a Lord Ganesha temple which is one of its kind ie). Be ready to be blessed by God via). An Elepehant , who gives you ashirwad through his trunk.


4) AuroVille

On the outskirts of the city lies this place made by disciples Sri Aurobindo & “Mother”.   This is a mystic place hugely followed by foreigners . You can go over there and meditate . Or simply enjoy pancakes & coffees at the coffee shops situated on this beautiful village . 

5) Paradise Beach 

Just check out google maps for this place’s location & you will simply be thrilled to find out. Do it now !!

And then pack your bags & leave 😉 


Take a boat from Chunnambar Boat house , pay Rs 150 and you will reach this place. Just lie there on the beach for indefinite period and listen to your favorite playlist on your headphone and the feeling that you are going to get is beyond the scope of this blog. In one word to sum up , that would be Divine !!








For people who drink , you will get ample amount of liquor at restaurants located on the beach itself 😉

Alcohol is pretty inexpnsive as the liquor laws are different in this territory.

If you willing to spend some hefty amount then spend a day or two at the resorts on this island. I have not tried that yet but that’s on my wishlist 🙂

6) Scuba Diving

There are lot of water sports & adventures available here . But you will need to spend 3-4 days here atleast.


Else you can complete the entire pondy in 2 days easily.  

Climate : 

Being a coastal region , its mostly sunny . So be ready with your sun-screens. But on the evening time , it gets very pleasant.

Best Time to Visit :

Now !! While you are reading this 😉


leap of faith!!!